Saturday, January 22, 2011

Syllabus of Public Administration of UPSC

      I.            Introduction: Meaning, Scope and Significance of Public Administration; Private and Public Administration; Evolution of Public Administration as a discipline.
   II.            Theories and Principles of Organization: Scientific Management; Bureaucratic Model; Classical theory; Human Relation Theory; Behavioral Approach; Systems Approach; Principles of hierarchy, Unity of Command, Span of Control, Authority and Responsibility, Co-ordination, Delegation, Centralization and Decentralization, Supervision, Line and Staff.
III.            Administrative Behavior: Decision Making; Theories of Communication, Motivation and Leadership.
IV.            Comparative and Development Administration: Meaning, Nature and Scope of Comparative Public Administration, Concept, Scope and Significance of Development Administration, Concept of Administrative Development.
   V.            Personnel Administration: Role of Civil Service in developing societies; Classification; Recruitment; Training; Promotion; Pay Structuring; Neutrality and Anonymity.
VI.            Financial Administration: Concept of Budget; Formulation and Execution of budget; Accounts and Audit.
VII.            Control over Administration: Legislative, Executive and Judicial Control; Citizen’s Control over Administration.
VIII.            Central Administration in India: British Legacy; Constitutional Context of Indian Administration; President; Prime Minister as real Executive; Central Secretariat; Cabinet Secretariat; Planning Commission; Financial Commission; Controller and Auditor General of India; Major Forms of Public Enterprises.
IX.            Civil Service In India: Recruitment to All India, Central and State Services; Union and State Public Service Commissions; Trading in the Centre and State; Generalists and Specialists; Relations with the Political Executive.
   X.            State, District and Local Administration in Uttar Pradesh: Governor, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Secretariat; Directorates; Role of District Magistrate/Collector in Revenue, Law and Order and Development Administration; Main Features, Structure and Problems of Panchayati Raj and Urban Local Government.